Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Going Crazy Awaiting for my new Toy!

Because I'm 71 years old, I get this funny look from friends and relatives when I tell them that I just purchased a Mountain Bike! Here's my old fart perspective

WHY eBike (electric bike) and why FLUX Bike?

1. The Flux eBike looks like a regular Bike vs. other moped-like eBikes. 
2. It's still a100% regular Bike and therefore can be used for exercise.
3. It has option for 5 level power-assist pedaling, when required, for hill climbing or when riding against a strong wind.
4. No pedaling required up to 45 miles @ 20mph if you engage the thumb throttle. Did you get that? NO PEDALING at all. Perfect for seniors!
5. Huge crowd funding discount. For me at least $1000+ maybe even more.
6. Excellent components and drivetrain specially mid-motor and battery comparable to other high priced eBikes
7. My Photography craziness - imagine the possibilities. It will be my perfect go-anywhere camera bag with 2 oversized wheels.
8. Would replace my running program when that sad time comes.
9. Biking fun fun fun 365 days a year in Maui.
10. Maui has fantastic Mountain Bike Trails!