Saturday, November 30, 2013

Aloha Pastor Jason

Five years ago, I completed my course at Hope Chapel Bible School. Pastor Jason was my teacher for the 3 years that took me to finish all the required modules. With that awesome training, I gained enough confidence to start a Bible Study group at Christ The King Catholic Church and also joined their Prison Ministry. Both Ministries are still my passion today.

Today I was told that the Lord called him home unexpectedly. 

Aloha Jason and I thank God for choosing you to make an apostle out of me. I could just imagine that same smile when you came face to face with Jesus this morning. A Hui Hou buddy (till we meet again) in Heaven.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Celebrating our very Special Thanksgiving Day to give glory to the Lord for blessing me with a second life. Our grateful hearts also go to the Doctors and Nurses at Maui Memorial Hospital and at Kaiser Permanente in Oahu. The Nurses spoiled me to the max.

(Just the two of us (and the turkey) as the kids are not scheduled to be in Maui till Christmas yet. The hat is to cover up my "baby hair" that has started re-growing at a very slow pace.)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our relatives and friends!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunset Glow in Waiehu

First time I saw this sunset glow from our side of the island. We usually get this as a sunrise view.
Waidhu sunset

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Like A Kid Again!

Shooting Black Rifles for the first time


Friday, November 15, 2013

New Beginning

Celebrated my last Chemo treatment (last Wednesday) with a 1hour brisk walk at Keopuolani Park today, also my first attempt to rebuild my endurance. It was easier than I thought - heart rate was below my previous training rates, didn't even sweat, but when I tried to do a slow jog, no can! My legs gave up almost instantly. My last visit there was in July when I did a 2 hour run only a few days before I was diagnosed with Leukemia. 

Today, I thought it might be a wonderful way to be alone, give thanks to the Lord once again, and give Him praise and glory. It was a beautiful emotional walk to simply reflect on his loving grace and mercy over me and blessing me with a miracle of life. 

As I said before, my cancer is now on remission and I will now go through a year of what my Oncologist referred to as the maintenance phase. At the end of that period, I guess he will do more tests to see if I would be cancer free. 

Last Wednesday's Chemo dose was supposed to be strong so I suspect that during the next ten days, the side effects  would slow me down a bit but like Jesus said to Paul, "my grace is sufficient for you". 

I'm looking forward to resume my regular runs to start the new year in 2014, God willing, and of course a more focused life in God's presence, under His authority, and for his praise and glory. With all my heart, I thank all my friends and relatives again for your prayers and emotional support.  Most of all I thank my beautiful wife and Princess for caring for me during the last 3 1/2 months while enduring with me the same pain and emotional distress. I'm lost for words to properly express my grateful heart to her and to all of you.