Sunday, August 04, 2013

At Kaiser Honolulu

Praise to you Lord for more Miracles and with all our friends' prayers!

First great news: I've been downgraded to low-medium risk from high-risk. No more frightening surprises in the future. They have stabilized all possible weak areas.

Second great news: Because my system positively responded to the the first chemo, the next 3 would be mild doses as well, like the first one. Speaking of the first one, it was so mild that there were no side effects at all. In fact, I enjoyed my dinner right after the session!

Hannah will be joining us at the Hospital cafeteria today.My Chemo #2 session is scheduled for the evening. We will try to squeeze in as many fun times as we can with her before my immune system points more slightly downward.

I wish you all a wonderful Sabbath Day with The Lord!