Friday, August 02, 2013

Acute (APL) Leukemia

After a couple of days of trying to get rid of the pesky and painful gout attack on both legs,we've started Chemo #1. It's a low dose and therefore will only take 10 minutes, but the prep work would take more than 1 hour. Usual side-effects were simply nausea which would be probably unnoticed because they already gave me
something to counter the effect and another one later.

The next one will be on Sunday with a lot stronger dose and this would continue on for Tuesday and Thursday at full blasts! The last 3 would take longer as expected.

All the above Chemo sessions would take place in my private hospital room which included an extra cot for my wife for our entire stay in Oahu. After the above 4 sessions, that's it!!! The Doctors would strategize the next assault. Hopefully, of course, coming back to Maui would be one of those options. Too simple to be true but that's what the Doctor said very casually. Of course that’s only in the perfect world, he wouldn’t commit to anything.

But here's the thing, the point of no return was last Sunday when the Kaiser Cancer Specialists in Oahu ordered the air-ambulance for us. If we stayed in Maui one more day, I WOULD BE DEAD by now because I had severe internal bleeding and the aggressive medication only existed at Kaiser in Oahu at this time. This type of Acute Leukemia is so deadly that when it hits it kills fast! It''s not like the others where you may have all the time to locate bone-marrow donors, do extended Chemo, etc.With this one you literally bleed to death internally, so it was critical for the Maui Doctors to make the right diagnoses that the bleeding is from an aggressive cancer in my blood, and not simply coming from the colon and stomach.

We apologize to all as we will continue not to receive telephone calls for a while. I forgot to mention that my heart, altho still healthy, is not working at 100% and breathing is a major priority at all times. In addition to the above Chemo routines, I’ve been ingesting hundreds of pills, fluids, etc. and was told they were all out there to sap out my energy. Even telephone calls (specially the emotional ones) would tax my respiratory system.

Thank you again for your prayers, I have testimonials to announce to the world that God is for real.