Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Post Chemo

Last Thursday (August  8 was my last Chemo session and from there, it's a radical cleansing process before the restore/recovery begins. Then the Doctors can decide when I can return to Maui and continue my recovery as an outpatient.

Heres' my own version: The battle rages. Judging by how I felt the last 2 days, it must have been quite violent.The Chemo "ninjas" were simply annihilating everything including the good cells. My blood counts were so low (this is s GOOD!) they had to do blood transfusions to help the good guys. The Doctor mentioned that it could get worse yet but they like the results so far. It should be just a matter of days now when the good guys will dominate the battle just over the hill nearby.

The effects: My wife (retired nurse) would definitely consider me a miserable patient, lost interest on anything, very very weak, no appetite, diarrhea, pretty much lost all my muscles. I think I'm not far from that "skin n bones" look. Just feeling lousy all the time.

The Positives: I'm alive! THANK YOU LORD. No pain at all! Haven't lost my hair and I don't think I will at this point. Still can taste food and I'm allowed to eat anything as much as I can to build up my energy but I simply lost the desire to eat.

Thank you as always for your prayers. They really work. Please continue to pray for us. I can feel the Holy Spirit when I do my final prayer at night and upon waking up in the morning. It becomes a crying session and I relish every moment in those divine moments.