Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting Better!

VERY GOOD BLOOD COUNT LEVELS TODAY! We were expecting these improvements to start tomorrow but the Lord made it more special that it had to be today, Sunday, when we got the good news.

What this means is that the good cells are now in control and will continue to improve daily at a faster pace. We will likely return to Maui by the end of next week, I just need to regain as much weight and strength during the next few days. Once I get my appetite and taste back I will just eat like a pig as we are allowed to bring food to my room and apparently I have no restrictions on my diet.

Today also marks my full-month confinement at Kaiser Hospital and I haven't been out of my room during that period except the occasional trip to the Digital Imaging rooms. It has taken a toll on my muscles and strength. Like I mentioned before Im pretty much skin-and bones.

God is good. Thank you again for your prayers and friendship.