Friday, August 09, 2013

Chemo Sessions

Today, I like to think to of me as David (before he became the greatest King of Israeli) after he beheaded the giant Goliath during that legendary one-to-one fight in front of their massive armies. After the victory, God's Army (the Israelites) went on to destroy the fearless and violent Philistine Army (the super-bad guys) across the river.

NO SURVIVORS - that would have be my battle cry as I also lead the final assault with my own GOD'S ARMY to finish off the remaining Cancer Terrorists still hiding in my blood, my 9mm Beretta and Sig blazing on each hand, Rambo style! Oh yeah Baby…

Ok, back to Reality at Kaiser in Oahu….

Last night was my fourth and "final" Chemo session but will continue with the oral Chemo pills indefinitely. Although it sounds somewhat like a relief it also marks the beginning of another major (and hopefully final) step in my battle against my Acute Leukemia

For the past 13 days I've also been orally ingesting potent cancer drugs. That's the easy part as I never really felt any dramatic side effects. However, it has been gradually zapping away at my strength. I no longer cannot get off the bed or walk on my own, so I mostly stay in bed during my waking hours. Altho Evelyn somewhat disagrees, I think I lost a lot of weight already.

The other thing I observed is that I seem to be not interested in doing anything. I have my Macbook, iPad, and good internet in my room and yet I hardly open them. TV is off almost always.

If I am not sleeping, I'm in what I personally consider my prayer mode - just reflecting on Evelyn and my family, relatives, friends, current blessings, specially my new perspective about my future from hereon and how God loves me so much. Quite often, I also noticed that I have tears involuntary flowing from my eyes while praying, it's a beautiful feeling.

According to the Doctors, all my blood counts will now approach and hit the lowest. THIS IS GOOD and this is where they want it to go before my system will start to rebuild and restore. This could take around 2 weeks. Of course the Doctors would order more blood/platelets transfusions to get all these counts up, if I need it. Otherwise I will be on my own to duke it out. I will get even weaker, unpredictable infections, might lose my taste, probably feel lousy mostly, maybe lose my hair, and lose more weight. That's the battlefield.

So my friends, please join me and let's cry out to the Lord for comfort and speedy recovery!