Sunday, December 11, 2011

Honolulu Marathon #4 Done!

Also one of my 2011 New Year's resolutions. It's my direct assault on aging and it didn't work. I felt like 100 years old during and after the race! Bwhahaha It took me 6 hours 3 minutes to finish versus my goal of 5.5 hours because I got carried away with texting, tweeting, doing Facebook posts, and taking pictures during the run. (Not to mention 3 pee breaks behind bushes outside of the marathon route, local style). Next time I need to remember I was running a marathon instead of socializing in Facebook while punishing my legs.

Did I say next time? Yes I think I will run it again in 2012 and for sure I will turn off the internet on my iPhone during the race.

Approaching the finish line

And my awesome reward -  a beautiful lei from Hannah! Maybe this will give me the desire to run the marathon every year.
She was trying to maintain some distance because I was sweatty. (Later she told me I need to brush my teeth aka bad breath!)




Hannah and Nono