Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nuking TheTermites And Bugs!

Yes termites are also part of paradise and they've been gnawing at the door frame of one of the side entry doors and have also hollowed out one siding already. The only way to get rid of them is to tent the whole house and do a full fumigation!


It's a two day process so I needed to stay at a hotel for one night even though a couple of my friends offered their home. Of course I was too cheap to pay $135 for a hotel room (and that's at the bargain-priced Maui Beach Hotel). I discovered this 4-unit Hotel just ahead of the Happy Valley neighborhood owned by a Filipino Travel Agency (Noble Travel) and they only charge $75. It's actually not bad - very clean, w/ AC,  and free wi-fi! I would really recommend this place for anyone on a budget, I really do.

On a side note the girl at the Travel Agency that checked me in recognized me from Christ The King church and her first question was "did your wife kick you out of the house?" hahaha

Lighted window is my hotel room