Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My iPad 2 Review (My Father's Day Gift!)

Evelyn noticed that I have been hugging her iPad too often and she finally blurted the magic words — "why don't you get one for Father's Day" Yeeeeeees! Did not waste any moment. After all who am I to argue with the boss??? So I rushed to pick one up at Walmart.

I have an iMac 27, a Macbook, and an iPhone; so what do I need an iPad for? Actually I did ask that question a few times before and I was pretty convinced that I did not need it, which is why I didn't get one when the iPad was launched a year ago. 

When our ohana (family) gave Evelyn an iPad 2 for Mother's day last month and I was given the task of setting it up for her, oh my gosh, my perspective about this device completely changed. I could see why Apple has sold over 25 million of these in just 14 months and they predict even an exponential growth during the next few years. I believe it.

For people who use their computers exclusively for internet surfing, email, Facebook, Twitter, viewing photos, listening to music, watching videos and movies, games(!), and the occasional typing tasks, the iPad can do all that for you, PLUS more. There are literally thousands of apps that are offered at the App Store for anything that you can imagine and need and they're either free or not expensive either at 99 cents and $4.99 for the more sophisticated software. In other words the only things I've left out is when you're using your computer for business and in my case, for serious photo-editing jobs. In these cases, the iPad cannot replace the computer but still it can compliment it as many are doing already.

The first thing that  convinced me is its ideal size and portability. Initially, I thought that maybe the screen size would be too small but surprisingly it becomes irrelevant after you switch it on because of its usefulness and convenience. Yes you simply press a button and the iPad is instantly ready for use. Try that with a computer. I'm not even going to praise it for its portability  but it just feels right in your hands that it seems natural to bring it with you all over the place, inside and outside of the house.

Ever since we got an iPad in the house over a month ago, I haven't used my laptop when I go out to attend weekly meetings, my bible study, or my weekly visits at Krispy Kreme or Starbucks. The iPad has effectively filled that need.  My iPhone which I also used for mobile internet/email/Facebook, etc. is now simply used almost exclusively as a phone only and for music and podcast when I do my runs and gym workouts. The iPad has completely changed that.

Is the iPad for you? Maybe not but all I can say is that if you are planning to buy a computer/laptop in the near future, consider the iPad and see if it is a good option. For one thing, it's a lot cheaper than a laptop or desktop computer!

As for me and my house, well  a little early  but "Happy Father's Day" to me! Mahalo Princess!