Saturday, March 26, 2011

Enjoying Our New Toy

We're very much a late-comer to the HDTV craze and I'm glad we held on to our 23" Samsung TV and our bulky Sony Trinitron 36" for quite a while. The new sets are now more energy-efficient, more hi-tech, and most of all a lot cheaper than even those that were introduced only a year ago. We probably saved more than $1,000 by waiting up (because we were broke, hahaha!)

Below is our new Sony Bravia 55" LED 3D HDTV hooked up with the latest device from Apple called AppleTV which wirelessly streams files from my iMac27 computer located downstairs. In other words, if we want to show photos (specially Hannah's pics as shown below), videos, movies, or listen to music that are in my computer, iPhone, iPad, or any laptop that are using our router, I can almost instantly stream them to our TV with just a few clicks on the remote.

Don't you love technology?