Thursday, March 31, 2011

DAY 90 REPORT CARD - 2011 Goal: Special Diet/Weight Loss

  • So far I have lost 12 pounds since January 1st. I need to lose 8 more by August 1st when I start my pre-marathon training runs
  • I've lost 4 inches off my waist! This is actually the most rewarding and exciting part of all. My waistline is now the same as in the late 80's at 29'' which explains why all my Armani Suits are again in perfect fit and fully wearable. They were fairly new when we moved to Maui and luckily they're still in style. It felt good to wear one of them at a wedding we attended in San Diego three weeks ago. You have to live in Hawaii to understand why this is such a big deal - only Attorneys and Morticians wear suits regularly in the islands! Hahaha (And why not;  Attorneys and Morticians both charge high hourly rates and actually have similar work,… just kidding!!!!)
  • Another cornerstone of this goal is also my "Paleo" diet which I continue to enjoy: no rice, no potatoes, no bread, (replaced w/vegetable salad and sweet potatoes), and no fried foods. I'm so blessed that Evelyn is also on this diet. Yes, we still eat meat, mostly grilled and also continue to enjoy my daily glass of wine or beer with dinner. No, I do not miss eating rice at all, which is odd for a full-blooded Filipino "senior".
  • I have faithfully maintained my enhanced 2011 exercise regimen - running four times weekly, weight training at the gym twice a week, and one rest-day. 

So life goes on! My next update will be early June before we fly to the Philippines for another big wedding and probably pig out on those awesome Pinoy dishes!!!! That will be a challenge...I will be praying a lot to stick with my Paleo diet that's for sure.

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