Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Fake Rolex Is Still Working!

My fake Rolex is now 5 years old and it still works! In 2006 when I told a wealthy client that I was going home to the Philippines, he asked me to buy him two fake rolex watches. I asked him what for, knowing the he could well afford a real one or maybe two - one for him and one for his wife. He said one is for him and the other he is giving it to his employee who chauffeurs his rental Rolls Royce for weddings. He has three RR Silver Shadows that he rents out for weddings and special occasions.

So what the heck I bought one for myself too because they looked so authentic. It's even got the green back w/a serial number and the engraved Rolex logo on the bracelet! I can't remember how much but I'm sure they were no more than $100. When I came back to Maui I took mine to Ben Bridge Jewellers to show it to the manager (who is a friend of mine) and we compared it with the real ones - hard to tell the difference except that the real ones are heavier. He has been trying to sell me the real one for a discounted price of over $5,000.

I rarely wear mine nowadays so I keep it in it's self-winder case. (Yes, it also has a chronometer like the real Rolex! It's gotta be worn to keep it working). Four months ago I attended a bible study group and I was sitting next to another wealthy guy who was wearing a Rolex. I was wearing my favorite Timex Ironman watch and we got talking about expensive watches. I told him I have a fake Rolex at home because I couldn't afford a real one and guess what he said - his Rolex is also fake!!! Bwahahahaha!