Saturday, January 29, 2011

Report Card: re 2011 Special Diet/Weight Loss Goal

30 days later with my first ever special diet,  and so far:

  • Lost 6 pounds!
  • Lost 1 inch off my waist (my belt is more than one notch tighter!)
  • I easily reduced the volume of my meals. Only took 2 weeks to train my stomach to take in less.
  • Ran every other day, and did weight training at the 24 Hour Fitness Gym in between. In other words, I cross-trained everyday. Last time I did a regimen like this was when I was training for triathlon in Toronto in 1989. Twenty two years later, I guess I still have the discipline.
  • I don't miss eating rice at all. I was really surprised; instead I ate sweet potato (kamote) and salad w/ grilled meat, no fried foods (even that I also don't miss)
  • Rewards? Yes 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts w/black coffee every week!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy studying for my bible study group at my favorite corner table there every Thursday. After all, I think I consume way below 1800 calories daily anyway.

Honestly, I don't feel like I am on a special diet at all because I'm actually enjoying the food. Of course this was made easy with Evelyn's great and creative cooking and awesome salads. Mahalo Princess! She also lost at least 4 pounds.

Looks like I may not go back to eating rice again, but......we will be vacationing in the Philippines for 3 weeks in June. That will be a real challenge! (Hmmm...garlic fried rice, fried eggs, and tosino, with daing or langonisa breakfasts..oooooooooh, Chow-King halo halo - more ooooh)

The goal is to lose 20 lbs. by August when I start my pre-marathon training but I suspect I will nail this one by May for sure. (I planned on running my 4th Honolulu Marathon  on December 11th) Already I can feel the difference when I run,  specially my recovery rate and I think it's not the weight loss but because of the more nutritious and healthy diet combined with a much improved upper body strength.

Why am I doing this? Well I noticed that after my last Honolulu Marathon in December 2007 I was slowly gaining weight even though I have maintained my running program, and eating the same old style Filipino diet for more than 65 years. Evelyn and I have been running since 1987 and still run regularly today. My resting heart rate is at 45-48 beats per minute (average person = 70-75 beats per minute) so I think I could say I'm in good shape as a 66 year old senior citizen, but still gaining weight!

By 2009 and through the end of 2010, my weight started to balloon at 150 from 130 pounds in 2007. I actually peaked at 155 but I added more speed runs at the tracks and it seemed to work. However, I noticed that my weight pretty much hovered at 150-152 pounds and this additional weight had exclusively settled around my waist. I started to wear pants that have elastic waistbands as I couldn't wear most of my belts anymore and would also conveniently make room for more waistline expansion, specially after a meal! That was the kicker as I also noticed I haven't tucked in my shirts for the past three years..bwahahahaha. That......cannot.......continue.