Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Power Of Photo-Editors

Awesome waves at Kahului Harbor this morning but by the time I got there it was 10:30 and the sun was simply glaring and behind the surfers. It was not an ideal time and location for a shoot. Below is how the camera rendered the image and predictably the colors were almost completely washed out and the surfer is darkened because of the sun behind him. This would have been an easy delete.

But because the camera digitally recorded all the details in that image, my powerful photo-editing software (Lightroom 3 and NIK Collection apps) wonderfully restored everything plus some. This type of editing cannot be accomplished with old film cameras of yesterday. Amazing but it comes with a hefty price. The editing software cost more than $700! (Of course, I did not pay full price or I'd get another scolding from the Boss. Got a great discount with the help of my daughter-in-law. Thanks Lynnette)

And one more. Ever wondered if the photographer (me) was actually in the water right in front of the surfer? Nah......