Monday, November 08, 2010

My New Workspace

Just did a makeover of my home work station using Jay's cherrywood executive-size desk that's been stored in my garage for more than 18 months. He told me I can have it already including the chair, etc. Thanks Jay!

The clean desk somehow reminds me of what my desk looked like when I was controller with a company in Toronto more than 20 years ago. The people at work used to wonder how I could keep such a clean desk, devoid of clutter while doing Accounting work and I used to tell them  - it's organization, organization, and organization, meaning I have everything stored in the drawers!

If the Boss approves it, my soon-to-be-purchased Apple Quad-core iMac 27 would look awesome with this furniture. Hmmmmm........maybe this Christmas, tax refund time in February, or better yet while she is away for 3 weeks vacationing in the Philippines (she left today!) Decisions, decisions......or am I playing with fire?