Wednesday, November 10, 2010

20 Years Ago Today I Moved To Maui

Back in 1990 I was so addicted to Windsurfing, in my middle 40's (mid-life crisis?), and recession was just taking hold across North America. A large 100 year old company in Toronto where I was a Controller was winding down into chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation) following the refusal by its bank to extend its credit line.

Coincidentally we also just received our US Green Cards (after waiting for 16 years!) so I told Evelyn that I would take my chances in Maui instead of looking for another job in Toronto. She angrily protested because the boys were still in school (Don in senior year at High School and Jay in college). So I suggested that the kids would decide and when we asked them they screamed YESSSSSSSSSS! And so we moved and our Maui fairy tale begun. As it turned out I easily landed a job at Maui Land and Pineapple as Chief Accountant and worked there until I retired in 2003 and went to full time Real Estate sales through 2008 and "retired", again. Evelyn, on the other hand quickly got a job at a Maui Hospital after she passed the US Nursing board exam and got licensed in the US, even though she was a licensed RN in Canada.

We post this snippet of our Maui life to answer a popular question from our friends and relatives - why did you move to Maui? (Aside from our usual answer "why not")

Our first Maui car - 1978 Subaru I bought for $600! Drove it for 2 years as our family car

Evelyn missing in picture because she was holding the camera