Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maui, Best Island In The World Again!

Again, Maui was voted the best island in the world as well as top tourist destination for 2010 by Conde Nast Travel Magazine. In the 20 years since this survey was started, Maui won 16 of those 20. Wow, Maui "no ka oi" (the best)

Twenty years ago at the height of my addiction to windsurfing I moved to Maui because it was also the best Windsurfing place in the world and still is today. We have Kanaha (beginner-advance), Hookipa (pro level), and Jaws (extreme) depending on your skill level.

I can think of another reason. Here's one of my favorite shots of Central Maui, the real Maui, not the "resort Maui" where everything is made up to look good and everyone smiles because it's part of their job hahaha. In Central Maui you don't get as many smiles but when you get one, it's straight from the heart and with Aloha, as it should be.