Saturday, July 24, 2010

Worldwide Photowalk Day

Like the title says it's Worldwide Photowalk Day today. More than 33,483 photographers all over the world were out shooting pictures to celebrate this yearly event. Our 39-member Maui group covered the South Maui beaches from 6:30 am through 10 am. We concluded our photoshoot at a Skim Boarding competition at Big Beach and we were not disappointed with the show.

At our final briefing our group leader told us we should aim for a beach-image that would typically portray Maui. In other words if you are making a postcard of Maui, what image would you put in there?

My Postcard From Maui (Yes why not, there's a beautiful shot of Molokini Island!!!!!)

And our Maui group at Big Beach Skimboard competition