Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life Lessons From Photography

As I pursue my new-found passion in photography, I quickly learned that you can capture something beautiful, or exciting, or even heart warming out of anything that your eyes can behold, if you make the effort to catch these fleeting moments. I think this paradigm can be applied at how we look at our lives and our relationships as well - always looking for that special moment by simply focusing on what matters.

We have bromeliads in our yard that had been flowering every now and then for the past ten years. Yes I've noticed the flowers before and from a distance they're not really eye catching but this time around I stopped for a second look and immediately took my camera out. As I peered through the lens and zoomed in, I discovered, to my delight, so much beautiful detail in that flower that I will cherish for a while. Life can be like that.