Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Read The Bible?

Every Thursday, I lead a Bible Study group at Christ The King Catholic Church at 6 PM. We have a very small group, between 6 to 9 people that attend regularly. Sometimes I wonder why I do not have a larger group and one day someone asked me why she should read the bible and I did not have a ready answer. After a short pause I hastily just told her that the Bible is the word of God. But every Christian knows that and still do not read it.

Later as I reflected on that brief dialogue I involuntarily posed the same question to myself and it led me to look deeper inside why I do read the Bible (4 times over to date) and still read it and study it almost everyday. I came up with the following so far. (Did I miss anything? Please comment or email me. I plan to print this and use it to encourage people to read the Bible and/or attend a Bible Study group)

Why Read The Bible?

  1. 1.It's the word of God and authored by God through the minds and hearts of more than 40 diverse men in a span of 1600 years. It's historically correct and archaeologically proven even today.
  2. It's about God and his creation. It's a love story of Him and us, the greatest love story ever told.
  3. It's the best prayer book of all time. Reading the bible is one of the highest form of prayer because as we read it God is talking to us, instead of us talking to him or at Him.
  4. It's a book of wisdom and worship (Proverbs and Psalms)
  5. It has transforming power to convict, to inspire, and prepare you to feel God's presence.
  6. It's all about God’s holiness and his sovereign power over us, and his message to us about how to worship him and love him. The Bible chronicles His plan for us from the beginning to the end.
  7. It's our Travel Guide to Heaven and shows us how NOT to drive ourselves to Hell when we die. (God does not send people to Hell; people send themselves to Hell!)
  8. It's the best resource for our Christian faith and explains in detail how Christianity, in the person of Jesus, is uniquely different from other world religions (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism) and religious cults.

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