Monday, January 11, 2010

I Think I Found A New Passion, Again(?)

In action at Jaws this morning. The other Filipino guy next to me is shooting with a $10,000 Nikon 600mm lens. Unreal. DSC05639
Here's the World Famous extreme surfing area called JAWS. UPDATE: As it turned out this picture below which I also submitted to the Maui News was accepted (Maui Newspaper, Jan 12th) and got published with a feature story of a famous Maui big-wave surfer, Archie Kalepa, that got hurt that morning. Not sure if that was him in the picture. As a beginner Photographer/Hobbyist, getting my first pictures selected in our Maui newspaper is a huge score!!!!!!!!! I'll be in cloud 9 for a while. Click here for Maui News full story.