Saturday, December 05, 2009

Just Another "Lousy" Day in Maui. Just Kidding

I heard about the huge waves at Hookipa today so I just had to go and practice my photo-shoots. Here are two keepers (out of 149):
While all lookers and tourists are behind a barrier and at the parking areas watching the waves from a distance (except the clueless couple above), this guy is the only one at the beach area having a great time fishing at the raging surf.
EMG_9694 copy

And then on my way home I saw this overgrown CHICO tree adorned with hundreds of its brown-skinned delicious fruits. Yeah! It reminds me of my old chico tree in Tayug (in the Philippines). When we were kids, Mamang planted 5 chico trees in the backyard, one for each of her kids. Mine is still out there two years ago.