Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No more da BMW X5. Back to my Pickup truck

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The 39-month lease on our 2005 BMW X5 is due on December 26th but we decided to return it yesterday and declined another lease-car replacement. It was a $700/mo expense and with the scary declining economy up ahead, it's a no-brainer. It served me well while I was engaged in my real estate vocation, specially at times when I had to show homes to mainland millionaires.

So, to match my retirement lifestyle, I am back with my good old '98 Dakota Pickup truck! By the way, this is the same truck that we gave Don for his college graduation gift and then four years later I bought it back from him. (Does that make sense?)

Today I went to the mall and the parking lot was packed but no worry, I just parked my truck at the first vacant space I saw - in between two nice cars with only a few inches between our doors. I haven't done that for the past 3 years while I had the X5. :-) I always parked it in areas of the lot where there were no other cars.

Tomorrow, I will go cruising in my Jag. I think I'm a little bit depressed. Somehow it felt like I lost a friend each time I look at the driveway and the shiny black and imposing X5 is not there. It was a great looking car and true to its reputation as an awesome driving machine. It fulfilled my "ultimate car dream" in this material world and now I can move on to more meaningful desires.