Saturday, December 27, 2008

A New Look For The Blog

It's a new year so I thought I should do a makeover of the blog as well. I finally figured out how to customize the Blogger default template that I've been using for the past three years.

During the next few days I will be testing out different templates. So don't be surprised to see all kinds of color combos each time you visit. My other goal is to maximize the size of images and HD videos which is why I'm using this wide template. Speaking of videos, if you have an older computer it is possible that your PC may not be able to process the speed required to watch the videos in HD. I know this from experience because my other laptop is five years old and it plays the video in excruciating slow motion.

About this Blog - We had 6,248 visits as of this posting. If this looks big it's because we're part of the Blogger network and we get hits from other bloggers all over the world. Our very first post was November 7, 2005 when Danny and Nadya accompanied Mamang to Maui. It was the last time Mamang visited us in Maui before the Lord called her home just over a year later. I place her picture here in memory of her. She was so proud that we live in Maui.

Many of our relatives and friends visit this blog regularly. It's not unusual that we get calls or emails from them after they read a blog post. It's pretty much our public bulletin board. So if you have your own blog or website, give me the link and I will post it here. Current links to date are - Kenneth Garces, Arnold Umali, Jay Garces, and Don Garces. The more the better so we can check what's going on with everybody in one place.