Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dining on Authentic Japanese Kobe Steak!

If you haven’t had a real Japanese Kobe steak you haven’t lived! “Kobe beef is to meat lovers what Dom Perignon is to those who appreciate fine spirits: the ultimate pleasure for the palate” We heard this too often so on the eve of our 40th Anniversary, we thought why not go for it. Life is short and we’re in our 60’s already! (Darned, I really look old in the above picture.....)

In Maui, the only place that serves this special steak is at the swanky and expensive DUO Restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort. Check out this price: $179 for 6 ounce tenderloin (Fillet Mignon) plus a side order, wine, dessert, and 20% tip....... or easily a $500 bill for a dinner for two. On a side note, while checking the wine list I saw a bottle of wine for $6,800.00 called “Screaming Eagle” (yea, I would scream too), a California wine, in addition to a few in the $2,000 - $3,500 range. The waiter said that there are a few customers that actually order these babies. We went for the "seemingly affordable" $19/per glass house wine :-) Evelyn was quick to tell the waiter that my Jaguar Roadster is even cheaper than the wine. (I wasn’t sure if my pride was compromised with that comment.) But imagine if someone orders that $6,800 wine, the waiter will actually get a tip of at least $1,360. Not bad, not bad at all.

Predictably, our total bill came to $443 excluding tip but guess what, they gave us a generous Kamaaina discount (Resident discount) of $166 or a net bill of $277 plus tip. I was expecting maybe a 10 - 15% discount. The waiter assumed that I was familiar with it when I asked him about the resident discount.

Do we recommend it? All the way. If the price is not a big issue, you must taste a Kobe steak before you go to heaven. It's worth every dollar that you pay, if it's the real Kobe beef from Japan.

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