Monday, May 12, 2008

Don in Nepal Mission

Don is in Nepal till May 25th to do more mission work. (No not with the Jag. I couldn't find any photo to go with this post)

According to Don these are some specific prayer requests, but feel free to pray as you feel led:

Pray for Lynnette, as she holds the fort here at home – safety and protection for her please.
Wisdom for the team to serve the people of Nepal as God desires us to
That the team would love each other in such a way that others would know that we are disciples of Jesus
Endurance for the team as we hike ridiculous hours and terrain
Increased Faith so that we might be a part of the supernatural work God is doing
That we would suffer well, in a way that glorifies God and understanding that no matter what happens to us, He is with us.
Against sickness, no one likes to get sick out there, but if we do…at least your praying for number 6

He will be in areas without Phone and Internet for the next prayers.