Friday, March 24, 2006

Back in Maui and planning another trip in January 2007

Had a great time in my 10 day trip in the Philippines and managed to accomplish what I went there for. Some quick info about the trip:

1. The beach lots that Nelson and I purchased in 1979 are well secured and no squatters. According to our relatives living in the area, there is no chance squatters can get in there.

2. Mamang's lot in Tayug is also worth a few bucks. I think it's worth more as a commercial property considering its proximity to the market. Here's the other reason - two Hostess Bars just opened across the street right in front of the house!

3. Great time in Tayug. Had my share of kalding dishes and San Miguel beer for one week. I can still smell myself. However, missed the Fiesta because I was away checking out the properties.

4. Found a house we might like to buy in Tagaytay (Canyon Woods) when we sell the beach lots. Rudy Suratos (my childhood best friend and cousin) also tells me that 3 acre lots in Bukidnon (where he has been a long time resident) could be purchased for only $2,000, mountainside, close to his "hacienda" and only a 10 min. drive to the Del Monte Golf course.

5. Already planning another trip for January, 2007. Will spend time in Cebu, Davao, and Bukidnon

6. Sadly, during this vacation, Manang Auring's husband, Floro, passed away following a kidney transplant in Manila. Had a combined memorial for him, Manang, and Ray at Tabitha's house with relatives. Get this -according to Manang Auring, when she found him, he had a smile in his face. I would too if I saw the Lord with open arms as I enter the Heavenly Gates.

7. About the above picture - Do you think this house is too run-down and worthless? Not if you are a Realtor. This is a CORNER lot facing the market and it's Manang Iday's house, in the market for 10 million pesos. Personally, I think it's worth between 4 to 5 million pesos but properly packaged, she could get pretty close to her price. Jolibee and MacDonalds had been checking the area for a good location. The good news is that it's only 2 houses away from Mamang's house so if it's still there in January, I think I will schedule a call with these Commercial prospects.

8. Check out the pictures. Click on "Philippines March2006" on the sidebar.

9. Don and Jay and Dawn (his fiancee) also just came back yesterday from a Christian mission trip in Nepal. Check his website!

10. For now, let me go back to bed -been sick since I arrived last Tuesday and my rear is on fire! Must be the kalding :-(